Dalton Tanner Newbend

About the Artist

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Growing up in rural Laurens County, Georgia, Dalton often found himself inventing his own worlds to occupy his time. As a student at Columbus State University, Dalton explores ideas of self reflection and meditation in various art processes. Processes such as printmaking and fiber working provide a meditative outlet for him while installation serves as his preferred form of exhibition. Through the creation of environments within gallery spaces, he seeks to transport the viewer so they might also self reflect or find meditative moments.

Artist Statement

Dalton Tanner Newbend's work are anthologies that serve as collections of observations, knowledge and experiences. The anthologies are a collection of objects that are presented to the viewer in such a way that they reference typical gallery exhibitions while also appearing

as a studio space. 

In incubation space one can see objects arranged in “movements” much like movements in a piece of music. The movements together create the full composition that can be reworked endlessly. Like an overture, various phrases can be seen which are repeated later in the whole composition and other works. For instance, in “newton’s third law,” one can see a watercolor that mimics an object in “anthological study within incubation.”

In his current installation, cut your own damn hair, the artist responds to the Covid-19 crisis and the sudden inability to work in the laboratory spaces at Columbus State University. For the past week Newbend's installation has been in the front yard of his new home. The work is composed of a wooden structure and table that he built to create an outdoor studio and exhibition space. Each morning he arranges the objects similarly to incubation space and each evening he removes everything. The objects are consists of those he made and collected throughout his journey and present them in an anthological way. The daily setup of the installation and performance references time commitment and transformation. While in the midst of his performance Newbend listens to the space by asking where it wants objects to exist. The title, cut your own damn hair, points out forgotten self-sufficiencies.